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Alain Montpied has been awarded the EPV Label for his know how

Maitre Artisan Alain Montpied


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Wooden Automobile Wheels


I produce all the parts required to make wooden wheels for old classic and vintage cars, both the metal and wooden elements.


I produce from two half rims of steam bent solid ash with acacia spokes as they were originally manufactured, making them both flexible and strong.

I disassemble the wheel entrusted to me to check its condition and make an accurate quote based on the repair or the manufacture of a new wheel.

I correct the original hub to rectify it's alignment problems and ensure proper wheel geometry.

When the wheels are returned to the client they have been treated to protect both the metal and the wood and they are ready to paint.

I built new wheels for the Brasier brand automobile owned by Michelin, to participate in the commemoration of the Gordon Bennett race.

I also made new wheels for the Brasier brand automobile which participated in the 2007 Paris to Beijing rally celebrating the centenary of the original 1907 race.

These endurance events have shown me the strength of my accomplishments.







Brasier Automobile of Michelin heritage





Wooden wheels for a Renault 'Taxi de la Marne. The car is used at the Cité de l'Automobile museum in Mulhouse.


Wheels for a 'Brasier' automobile.











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