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Alain Montpied has been awarded the EPV Label for his know how

Maitre Artisan Alain Montpied


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Velocipedes by Master Craftsman Alain Montpied


Alain is now a member of the Repar'Acteurs and association created by the departmental Chambre de metiers to prote businesses that restore things.



Here is a manufacturing project of missing parts allowing the reuse of this XIXth century vélocipede, (an early form of bicycle propelled by working pedals on cranks fitted to the front axle).


Bottom bracket machining


Turning the axis















New in 2018


Cutting the crankset for the pedal


Manufacture of bearings


Adjustment on the fork


Newly reparied and fully functional velocipede





Alain Montpied on his bicycle that he made







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