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Alain Montpied has been awarded the EPV Label for his know how

Maitre Artisan Alain Montpied


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Alain Montpied - Wheelwright


Alain Montpied is one of the last wheelwrights in France and he works with both wood and iron to either repair or remake wooden wheels for classic cars and horse-drawn carriages.

Classic car enthusiasts and carriage drivers call on Alain Montpied's expertise and experience for the restoration or refabrication of their wooden wheels. He uses traditional methods to achieve the desired items.


"I carry out many special creations in my workshop in the Auvergne region of France, for trucks, bicycles and even canon wheels for the artillery."


Alain Montpied also carries out traditional steam wood bending to make car wings, hoods and wooden stretchers, ensuring a faithful copy of the original item and greater durability.


Discover the new projects...


Discover a manufacturing project of missing parts allowing the reuse of this XIXth century vélocypède, (an early form of bicycle propelled by working pedals on cranks fitted to the front axle).

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Artisan craftsman wheelwright - Alain Montpied - France


"I invite you to my blacksmith's forge and workshop to find horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars, transportation heritage."



Alain Montpied


3 route de Bosloup

Lieu-dit La Courteix



Tel: 04 73 88 77 34


email: alain@wheelwright.fr



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